Cool! My dad knows stuff!

Something I’d like to share because it may make a difference for some, I think it did for me. I was reading through some Google + offerings to ‘Explore the world’ replete with a collection of articles and postings that cover more things than one could ever imagine. Of course, this included technology, nature, cooking, astronomy, all of my favourites, but the list of disciplines went on and on. It occurred to me that, today, there are an enormous array of choices for a young person to get interested in and possibly select for a career.

It was also a little scary in that, in my day, we did not have exposure, or the media by which we could research such things as a child. So today, due to the Internet, once more, there are more choices that we could ever dream of. What’s the point?

When I was a tween, my dad and I often went for walks and he would ask me questions aged, cane, elderabout ‘what I wanted to be when I grew up‘, ‘what I am interested in‘, ‘or how is this or that hobby doing‘ etc. He encouraged me to think about my future in a non-judgemental way. He asked open ended questions. We briefly explored animals, the stars, fire fighting, chemistry, cars, you name it. Thankfully he was a smart man. It was a little early to even ask questions about computers, my eventual career choice, but it got the juices flowing, and he approved.

Do all dads or moms do this now, without pointing in one direction or another? Or do they not try, since there are so many more choices out there, and since ‘the child can find there own way and look anything up on the Internet.’  From what I have witnessed, I don’t think many kids are able to weave their way around the maze of what is available out there these days.

abstract, background, cobblestoneI believe that with most kids being lost in their smartphones, or should I say, ‘dumbphones‘, there isn’t a hope that they can set themselves apart from the party-crowd and peer pressure to be cool, in order to latch hold of a few key interests, one of which may blossom into a career.

There might be some hope if moms and dads educate and discipline themselves to have open discussions with their children in order to explore options, long before it’s time to ‘go to college’.


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