M, F, LGB, T and sometimes Q

From the standpoint of expressing bias and prejudice, I separate the world into two groups. My anger is sometimes directed toward the users and abusers of group one, that which has developed artificially, such as religions, languages and governments, especially those which choose to suppress the human rights and freedoms of their citizens. On the other hand, I harbour no ill will toward all, of group two, who have evolved naturally i.e. conceived.

Among the second classification, the first special interest group were homosexuals. Characterized, early on, as a male with female mannerisms, and referred to as gay. The next group of homosexuals are characterized as female with male mannerisms and are referred to as lesbians. This is not a tutorial, as even I can appreciate that many anomalies exist in my brief description. I am just trying to arrive at a point.

These two factions were soon joined, often literally, by the bi-sexual and trans-sexual. I’ll save you my definitions. Last, but certainly not least, is the one that rejuvenated the word once shouted at young boys who walked, ran, spoke or dressed differently, or like a girl. The term is queer. Ask someone.

As human beings, we have genes that provide the blueprint for how we grow. This Purple Yellow and Blue Balloon on Swimming Poolincludes the kick-start we get in the womb. All males (M) have some female, and all females (F) have some male. OK, let’s spit in unison! The delineation among all of the factions gets very blurry from here on. I’d like to add M and F into this whole soup to make the discussion accurate especially if we’re going to call anything a Community. Why should LGBTQ have all the fun and the wild costumes?

Why, then, in this blog? Easy, because your kids have likely already heard LGBTQ, or something close, far more than you have. You may need to be ready with some answers. To make things easier, and more 21st century, might I suggest you add M and F. If your neighbour someday questions your child’s inclusion of MFLGBTQ in his/her/their valedictorian speech, you will have so much fun with them!

The most difficult aspect in discussing this with your child is believing it first! Understanding some of the biology will make a World of Differences.


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