From Training Pants to Training Wheels

Writing, spelling, speaking, socializing, even studying will all improve via training. Actually most skills can benefit from some instruction. So why is it that, so often, we do such a good job before they are six, then hand over the reigns to teachers, coaches and preoccupied sitters?

Prior to this transition, your child is exposed children, community, familyto you, the family and your home about 95% of the time. Hopefully all are good influences. Later, it’s closer to maybe 50%. This change occurs very quickly, and takes many paths, some to success, others to ruin.

Before the child gets corrupted by your smartphone or tablet, and it will happen, identify some books, puzzles, chores and a study area before you go looking for cartoons or even kid-friendly websites.

It is vital that they do not spend time on-line until they attain other interests like singing or reading or excelling at school or writing. The Internet is to be a helper, not a sitter, nor a habitual activity. Of this, I am certain. Discarding old for new does not automatically mean better. It just means, in this case, lazy.

2 Boy Sitting on Brown Floor While Using Their Smartphone Near Woman Siiting on Bench Using Smartphone during DaytimeAlthough you may be impressed how your child can navigate a website, he or she will likely not appreciate how the Internet, communications, computers nor software programs work. Of course they don’t have to and only a very select few will ever venture into that area of expertise, but it is a sad thought that even more youth will have to flip burgers or serve coffee.

The Internet was designed to serve mankind and offer research material, not to be a gaming retreat to entertain adults and lonely children.

If and when your child’s imagination has developed Girls on Desk Looking at Notebookthrough your Q & A, story telling and genuine concern for their future, challenge him or her be creative. This heightens the imagination and invokes their own questioning. Later, have them write some short stories and submit them to for publishing and peer approval.


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